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Social Media Cards

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Social Media Cards

Viral Social Media Content (Up to 120)

1/Video Titles – This Is How We Grow
2/Launch Your Product – Are you struggling to find – and keep – customers? Tried all the strategies?
3/Short Text Hook – Strategies to accelerate your company’s digital growth.
4/Carousel Post – If you’re growing a business but not a digital footprint, here is the roadmap to help you out.
5/Captions – Every day, we shine a light on different companies in our #SHINE program that celebrates success & provides inspiration
6/Video Intro Hook – The Happiest place on the Internet? It’s the place where your average page views grew by 223% in 8 months
7/Relatable Experiences – When Facebook tells you that you’ve gained 4 followers
8/Product Showcase – Digital growth is for anyone with a story to tell, an idea to share, or a product to sell. I launched this offer to help you make digital not only work for your business but define who you are as well.
9/Actionable Tips To Followers
10/Video Call to Action
11/YouTube Description Intro – SEO & PPC are not the only ways to grow your digital business. I explore 4 ways that you can grow your business digitally without having to pay for traffic – and you’ll likely end up more profitable.

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